Bank Generali (Brussels)

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Project Details

  • Client: Bank Generali
  • Date: 01 Jan ,2009

Project Story

Architect : NC BHAM
Note : Located in the heart of Brussels, Generali’s building imposes his sobriety and elegance with his Art Deco front. The renovation project of the entrance hall was developed around the historical value of the building, totally in accordance with the materiality and iconic elements of a certain era, ‘50-’60.
The double height ceiling was highlighted by two customised claustra elements in perforated metal and by the lighting lines along the false ceiling edge giving the impression of a continuous space, unifying the horizontal and vertical plans. The custom-made suspended central lamp WING I, a reinterpretation of the Generali’s Symbol using 175 cylindrical anodised tubes (1m50 high), contrasts within its form, materiality and technical capacity with the sobriety of the hall.