Meet the team

STRENGTHS : independent position; creativity, flexibility; product knowledge; marketing+science+arts background
Céline Deceuninck
Lorena Coca
Steven Van Wettere
Kato De Smet

About Céline

Céline’s passion for lighting is reflected in many aspects of her work, background and education. She has been exposed to many different facets of the Lighting Design sector and collaborated with several established companies in Belgium, Spain, UK and Italy.

She has worked in the luminaire design industry followed by collaborations as a Lighting Designer with leading independent lighting design studios. She started her own independent Lighting Design Studio in 2009 and has already an extensive portfolio of rewarded projects. Her business management background coupled with her artistic and technical experience and educations contributes to her unique approach. Her work is often praised for exceeding client expectations by delivering elegant, creative and technically astute lighting solutions that focus on quality, energy efficiency and integration in harmony with the architecture, environment and its users.

She is member of the International Association of Professional Lighting Designers and participates regularly to various international events on Lighting Practice worldwide. During her free time she enjoys experimenting with new materials, light sources& technologies.

Céline Deceuninck

Collaborations with Architects and Engineering companies:

Declerck‐Daels, Goedefroo, Theunynck‐Knockaert, ABSCIS, Wymeersch Jos, Paul Ibens, Claire Bataille, Berkein, BURO II, EVZ Arch, Glenn Sestig, Turbozen, Studio Basta, NC Bham, AAPVB, Stéphane Boens, Dugardyn, OSQB, Tema, Robbrecht en Daem, HBA design, Montois, Altiplan, URA, Klarté, AWAA, Prof.T.Fujimori, M4 architecten.

INDUSTRIUM, Stabitec, Stabo, Technum, BM Engineering, VK studio, Studie10.

About Lorena

Lorena believes that the value of light does not lie in itself but in what it produces. We see light as a tool to build and transform spaces, architecture and urban environments; and to trigger people’s behaviors and to create new dynamics.  She enjoys using her experiences to improve people’s living-&working environment through lighting.

Lorena Coca

Studies and collaborations :

Lorena studied Industrial Design at the prestigious University of Bogotà, Colombia. She also has a diploma in Lighting Design from the National University of Colombia, and got a postgraduate degree in Project Management while living and working in Australia.  She has over 11 years of work experiences as a light planner and project lighting designer for major projects in Latin America, Oceania and Europe.