Our Expertise


“ Light planning, custom design & Light Art for architecture, land- and cityscape “

Electric & Arts studio develops daylight- and electrical light planning for private&public architecture, land- and cityscape projects. Every project is designed in harmony with the architecture, its surroundings and its users. And the aesthetical and technical longevity is as crucial as our focus on light quality and energy efficiency.

Working independently from manufacturers, we are in a position to carry out ‘out of the box’ creative, energy efficient lighting solutions, exclusively concentrated on our client’s (corporate) targets.

Electric & Arts studio has also a vast experience in developing customized solutions. We design innovative luminaires and create light art in the specific context of the architecture and the task concerned. In our projects, both aesthetical and technical longevity is as crucial as our focus on energy efficiency. These designs are developed in the course of a project if appears that no standard luminaries meet the technical or aesthetic requirements. The choice for a custom made job is often driven by specific interior styles, specific requirements about light sources, or the integration of a logo to reinforce the corporate identity.

Our work is often praised for exceeding client expectations by delivering elegant, innovative and out-of-the-ordinary lighting solutions, within predefined budgets, focus on quality, energy efficiency and integration in harmony with the architecture, environment and its users.

Electric & Arts studio independent light planning offers advantages to all parties of a construction team, among which:

Energy and maintenance savings

Optimalisation and control of the purchasing budgets

Time savings in the design and construction phases

More value and appreciation of the architecture, interior and/or its surroundings;

Increase of productivity and sales, increase in number of visitors; reduce of `threshold fear’

Reinforcement of the corporate identity

Enhances circulations

Creates unique experiences.

Stimulates productivity in factories